From The President’s desk:

In this increasingly busy and digital world, the sight of people, often but not always young people, standing, walking or sitting with their heads down concentrating on small electronic boxes and their fingers or thumbs actively working on the keyboard of their box is common. Many people will say that it is a form of humanity isolating itself from humanity. The dictionary says that it is an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind. If so, then it takes away from that person the free ability to think for themselves

As members of Rotary Clubs, we do think for ourselves and then act. We spend time in direct contact with others, helping them whenever we can and by raising funds to support those in need of help. The members of Ely Hereward Rotary Club come from all walks of life. The club has younger and older members, men and women, retired and in employment. As we meet on Wednesday evenings, this enables members to get back from work to meet up, have refreshments together and prepared plans for the future. We will often have speakers from interesting backgrounds. This club decided to make itself even more interesting in the hope that people who are not members will come along and may join as a friend, associate or full member depending upon their free time.

I am honoured to have been elected to act as the Club’s President for the year 2017/18 and during this period I am expected to guide the club to successfully achieving its agreed objectives. Forward planning is an essential function of any successful organisation. Whether it is by doing tasks ourselves or facilitating others to do so, a priority has to be identifying needs and providing remedies. Sometimes this is by fundraising; other times by advice and support. Either way, we like to welcome more Rotary members and Hereward friends, not only to enlarge a comparatively small club but also to replace members who move on. It would be most rewarding if eyes down on digital boxes became eyes upon helping those in need, especially in our own community.

Jeff Hide
Club President 2017 -18